Staff and Contacts

The Mental Health Licensure and Certification Section has a main office in Raleigh. There are three regional offices located in: Asheville, Black Mountain and Clinton.

There are six mental health teams and two ICF/IID teams across the state.  Two mental health teams and one ICF/IID team work from the Raleigh office. One ICF/IID team works out of the Black Mountain office. One mental health team works out of each office in Asheville and Clinton. Two mental health teams are home based. Each team has assigned county territories. For questions regarding a specific county, please contact the team leader assigned to that territory.

Raleigh Office
Stephanie Gilliam, Chief,

Kim Ruppel, Training & Development Program Manager,

Renee Kowalski-Ames, North Coastal Mental Health (MH) Team Leader,

Bryson Brown, South Piedmont MH Team Leader,

Jay Silva, ICF/IID Eastern Region Team Leader,

Laurel Callis, Administrative Assistant,

Renewal of License Coordinator,

Physical Address: 805 Biggs Drive, Raleigh, NC 27603
Telephone: 919-855-3795

Asheville Licensure Office
Lisa Holmes, Mountain MH Team Leader,
Physical Address: 12 Barbetta Drive, Asheville, NC 28806
Telephone: 828-665-8705
Fax: 828-670-5040

Black Mountain Office
Steve Yost, ICF/IID Western Region Team Leader,
Physical Address: 952 Old U.S. Highway 70 West, Black Mountain, NC
Telephone: 828-669-3372, ext. 249

Home Based Teams
Robin Sulfridge, Western Branch Manager: North Piedmont, Foothills, Mountains,
Telephone: 336-861-7342 Fax: 336-861-4845

Michiele Elliott, Eastern Branch Manager: South Piedmont, North Coastal, South Coastal,
Telephone: 704-878-4280

Lynn Grier, Foothills MH Team Leader,
Telephone: 704-596-4072 Fax: 704-596-4078

Barbara Perdue-Evans, North Piedmont MH Team Leader,
Telephone: 336-861-6283 Fax: 336-861-3042

Clinton Licensure Office
Wendy Boone, South Coastal MH Team Leader ,
Physical Address: 109 West Main Street, Clinton, NC
Telephone: 910-592-7266