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NC Department of Health and Human Services
NC Division of
Medical Assistance

CCNC/CA Medicaid Monthly Enrollment Report

Notice of Correction

The report known as the North Carolina Medicaid Carolina ACCESS Statewide Enrollment Report has been renamed and is now known as the Community Care of North Carolina/Carolina ACCESS (CCNC/CA).

Until January 2009, the data compiled to create this report was inaccurate for reporting the number and percentage of Medicaid recipients enrolled in CCNC/CA.  This problem has now been corrected. 

Revisions are based on the following:

  • In January 2006, Medicaid began enrolling S-CHIP (Health Choice) children in CCNC/CA.  These children were included in the total count of CCNC/CA enrollees; therefore, the percentage of enrollees was overstated.  The S-CHIP enrollees have now been removed from the report.
  • The data used to create the enrollment report were drawn from two different data sources. This created discrepancies in the number of Medicaid recipients eligible to be enrolled in CCNC/CA and the number who were enrolled. The data are now drawn from the same data source which synchronizes enrollment with the number of recipients eligible for enrollment.
  • Recipients who were eligible for retroactive Medicaid were being included in the enrollment data. These recipients have been removed from the report.

The same changes in data source and calculations apply to the CCNC/CA Medicaid Monthly Exemption Report. Ready NC Connect NC