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NC Department of Health and Human Services
NC Division of
Medical Assistance

Nursing Facility Fair Rental Value

What is the Fair Rental Value (FRV) calculation for my facility?

Below is a complete listing of all nursing home facilities and the capital data information DMA has on file. Even though your facility's cost report may be due at a different time, all Capital Data Surveys are due by December 31.

(this question and answer was a part of the FAQs)

Please foward to:
Reginald Little
2501 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-2501
Fax: 919-814-0031
2014 Aging Schedule Excel Worksheet (XLS, 884KB)
2013 Aging Schedule Excel Worksheet (XLS, 885KB)
2012 Aging Schedule Excel Worksheet (XLS, 3.84MB)

Nursing Facility Capital Data Survey (Fair Rental Value)

2014 Capital Data Survey

2013 Capital Data Survey

2012 Capital Data Survey

2011 Capital Data Survey

2010 Capital Data Survey

2009 Capital Data Survey Ready NC Connect NC