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Supports Intensity Scale

The Supports Intensity Scale® was developed by the American Association of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD). The Supports Intensity Scale is also known as the "SIS."

SIS assessments identify what help a person with intellectual or developmental disabilities needs to do the same things that others without disabilities do every day. It measures the assistance needed to shop, prepare meals, get around from place to place, work, have friendships, and other daily life activities.

Read more about this tool by visiting the SIS website Link to site outside of N.C. DHHS.

In North Carolina, as in a number of other states, the SIS is being used for two purposes:

Read more about How NC is Using SIS Information.

How a SIS Assessment Meeting Works

A trained SIS interviewer leads a discussion of your need for support in different life activities. In North Carolina, SIS interviewers will be certified by AAIDD, the developers of the SIS.

You are required to participate in the SIS assessment meeting, even if you are only able to participate for part of the meeting. If you are absolutely not able to attend, the SIS interviewer will arrange to meet you before or after the assessment interview.

People at your SIS assessment meeting should know you very well.

Read more about How a SIS Assessment Meeting Works.


December 16, 2014