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Medical Assistance

How NC is using the SIS Information

In North Carolina the Supports Intensity Scale (SIS) is being used for two purposes:

  1. to develop person centered service plans, and
  2. to set Individualized Budget Amounts.

The information from the SIS assessment will be shared with you, and your parent or legal representative.

Using SIS for Service Planning

Information gathered from your SIS assessment can be used to develop your person centered service plan.

Read more about using SIS for service planning.

Using SIS to set an Individualized Budget Amount

Over the next year, SIS information will be collected from thousands of people receiving Medicaid services in North Carolina through the Innovations waiver. All this SIS information will be used to develop a funding model that is fair. Each person receiving services will get an Individualized Budget Amount, based on their level of need, to use for services.

People who got the SIS assessments first will be the first to receive an Individualized Budget Amount. You will be notified of your Individualized Budget Amount prior to your annual person centered service planning date.

Read more about How Individualized Budget Amounts are formed.




December 9, 2014