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Be Smart Family Planning Program for Consumers


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Implementation of the Family Planning State Plan Amendment began on October 1, 2014.  See Fact Sheet below.


Are you ready to be a mom or dad? Are you ready for another child? Do you think you might want more children? If you answered no to any of these questions, you may qualify to receive birth control methods and health care services for free.

The Medicaid Be Smart Family Planning program is designed to reduce unintended pregnancies and improve the well-being of children and families in North Carolina.

The Be Smart Program:

  • Provides family planning and birth control;
  • Is free - there is no cost for the services;
  • Is voluntary; and
  • Is confidential.

Who Can Apply for Be Smart?

  • Eligible individuals with no age restrictions
  • U.S. citizens or documented immigrants
  • North Carolina residents who:
    • Are not pregnant;
    • Are not sterilized;
    • Are not incarcerated; and
    • Have income at or below 195% of the federal poverty level.
  • Not currently on Medicaid
  • Other requirements may apply.

How Can I apply for the Be Smart Program?

What Services Does the Be Smart Program Cover?

  • Family planning initial and yearly exams;
  • Follow-up family planning visits;
  • Birth control and family planning counseling;
  • Pregnancy tests;
  • Some types of birth control methods like the pill, the shot, and IUDS, as well as vasectomies and tubal ligations;
  • Family Planning Lab tests;
  • HIV testing;
  • Limited screening and treatment for some STDs;
  • Pap smears;
  • Help on when to have a baby; and.
  • Referrals.

Where Can I Go for Family Planning Services?

Any participating family planning provider enrolled with Medicaid can provide Be Smart services.

  • Private Medical Providers
  • Local Health Departments
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • Rural Health Clinics
  • Planned Parenthoods

What is Not Covered?

  • Abortions
  • Ambulance
  • Condoms
  • Contraceptive Foam, Jellies, or Suppositories
  • Dental
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Emergency Department
  • Emergency Room
  • Fertility testing and treatment
  • Home Health
  • Hysterectomies
  • Inpatient Hospital
  • Mental Health
  • Optical
  • Pregnancy health care (beneficiaires should seek referral to the Medicaid for Pregnant Women Program for pregnancy health care)
  • Treatment for AIDS
  • Treatment for Cancer
  • Sick Visits
  • Any service not related to Family Planning

How long will the Be Smart Program last?

Please see the following fact sheet and brochure for more information about the Be Smart program.

El Folleto in Espanõl: Póngase Listo Esté Prepado: Un Program De Planificación Familiar (PDF, 752KB)

For More Information about the Be Smart Family Planning Program

You can call your County DSS office or your Local Health Department External link.

You may also send an email to: Ready NC Connect NC
December 19, 2014