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Medical Assistance
NC Division of Medical Assistance - High quality health care through Medicaid and Health Choice for Children.

Health Insurance Premium Payment Program

N.C. Health Insurance Premium Payment Program

If you are at risk of losing your private health insurance coverage because you have a high-risk illness and cannot pay your premiums, you may qualify for the Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) Program.

Payment of Health Insurance Premiums

HIPP is designed for Medicaid recipients with high-cost illnesses such as chronic heart problems, end-stage renal disease, congenital birth defects, cancer, etc. DMA will consider the benefit of paying health insurance premiums if found to be cost-effective.

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for HIPP, you must be eligible for Medicaid and have access to private health insurance through an employer. DMA will also consider paying the premium for a family coverage policy, even if other members of your household are not eligible for Medicaid, if it is cost-effective and the only way the recipient can be covered.

How Do I Apply?

To apply for HIPP, please print, complete, and mail the Health Insurance Premium Payment Application (DMA-2069) to the address listed on the form. Your insurance information and premium payment amount will be verified and the application will be reviewed to determine if the payment of your insurance preimum is cost effective.

Where to Obtain Information

More information about HIPP, including completing and submitting the application online, is available on the N.C. Health Insurance Premium Payment Program Website External link. Information and applications are also available through your county department of social services (DSS) office, hospitals, and rural health clinics.

Contact Information

You may contact the HIPP Program Ready NC Connect NC