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Child Service Coordination

What is Child Service Coordination?

Child Service Coordination serves children with a developmental delay, a disability, a chronic illness, or an emotional or social disorder. Children and their families get preventive and specialized support services. The program is family-centered and family-driven.

Our Child Service Coordinators develop a service plan for your child and family based on your family’s strengths, needs and concerns. They then work with other health and social service providers to monitor your child’s development.
The coordinator strengthens your interactions with your child and helps your family to be self-sufficient. You can receive information about available programs and services, assistance with application forms, and/or help to locate appropriate resources.

Your coordinator with follow up with you at least every three months. However, the frequency is actually based on your family’s ability and need.

Who is Eligible?

Children from birth to age three who meet one of the Risk Indicators and children from birth to five who meet one of the Diagnosed Conditions are eligible.  There are no income eligibility requirements for this Program.

How to apply?

Call us for details.


For more information about this service contact: