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Dear County Director Letters
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Letter Number Subject Section
January 22, 2013 CWS-01-2012 Time Limited Family Reunification Services Child Welfare Services
February 08, 2013 NCFAST-13-0006 NC FAST Case Banking and Task Management NCFAST
February 13, 2013 BG-01-2013 NC Health Choice and Medicaid Transporation Budget
Febraury 14, 2013 CSE-01-2013

FFY2011 Data Reliability Audit Report - Award/Settlement
SFY2013 Revised INcentive Estimates
SFY2014 Incentive Estimates

Child Support
February 25, 2013 EFS-FNSEP-01-2013 Work Support Strategies Leadership Summit
Attachment - Registration Form
Economic Services
March 1, 2013 EFS_FNSEP-02-2013

Notification of April 2013 Simplified Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) Allotment Reduction Mass Change
Attachment - Notice

Economic Services
March 1, 2013 EFS-FNSEP-03-2013 Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) Employment and Training (E&T)
Economic Services
March 1, 2013 CWS-02-2013 Child Welfare Data Collection
Attachment 1 - Child Welfare Staffing Survey (97 Kb MSWord)
Attachment 2 - CW Staffing Data Monthly Tool (236 Kb Excel)
Child Welfare Services
February 28, 2013 NCFAST-13-0110 NC FAST Logo Use Policy and Style Guide for County Use NCFAST
March 7, 2013 EFS-WF-04-2013 Benefit Diversion
Attachment - Work First Benefit Diversion Survey SFY 2013-14
Economic Services
March 11, 2013 EFS-WF-05-2013 Workforce Investment Act/ Workforce Development Programs Economic Services
March 19, 2013 BG 03-2013 Work First Block Grant/TANF Maintenance of Effort Budget
March 28, 2013 EFS-WF-06-2013 Temporary Assistance for Needy Families State Plan 2013-2016
Attachment - 2013-2016 TANF State Plan
Economic Services
April 5, 2013 CSE-02-2013 Child Support Quarterly Audit Report Submission Requirements Child Support
April 22, 2013 BG 04-2013 Sequestration of SSBG Budget
April 24, 2013 BG 05-2013

Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006

April 25, 2013 DIR-01-2013

2013 Mandated Programs & Services List
Attachment - 2013 Mandated Programs & Services Chart

DSS Director
May 1, 2013 CWS-03-2013 Qualitative Case Reviews (QCR) Focus Group Feedback Child Welfare Services
May 1, 2013 CWS-04-2013

Child Welfare Data Collection Monthly Tool Revisions
Attachment - Child Welfare Staffing Data Monthly Tool (262 Kb Excel)

Child Welfare Services
May 3, 2013 NCFAST-13-0025 NC FAST Project 2 & 6 Soft Launch Schedule NCFAST
May 15, 2013 CWS-05-2013 Preparation for Federal IV-E Eligibility Review
Attachment - IV-E Case Review Guide
Child Welfare Services
May 15, 2013 CWS-06-2013 Intake Screening of DWI Reports Child Welfare Services
May 16, 2013 PM-REM-01-2013 TANF Data Collection Schedule for State Fiscal Year 2013-2014 Performance Management
May 16, 2003 NCFAST-13-0028 Revised NCFAST Project 2 & 6 Soft Launch Schedule NCFAST
May 21, 2013 EFS-FNSEP-07-2013 Disaster Food & Nutrition Services Training Economic Services
May 21, 2013 EFS-FNSEP-08-2013 Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) Payment Accuracy Conference Call Economic Services
June 1, 2013 CWS-07-2013 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Child Welfare Services
June 3, 2013 EFS-WF-09-2013

Electronic Issuance of Benefits
Attachement 1 - Direct Deposit Authorization Form
Attachment 2 - Electronic Payments Check Insert

Economic Services
June 13, 2013 NCFAST-13-0035 Revised NC FAST Project 2&6 Pilot Launch Date NCFAST
June 15, 2013 CWS-08-2013 Transition from MAPP-GPS to PS-MAPP Child Welfare Services
June 15, 2013 CWS-09-2013 Child Welfare Services List of Traning Courses and Training Requirements Child Welfare Services
June 15, 2013 CWS-10-2013 ACI Support Specialists, Inc. Child Welfare Services
June 15, 2013 CSW-11-2013 Review of the Implementation of the Administrative Cost Review Findings Child Welfare Services
June 24, 2013 EFS-FNSEP-10-2013 Food and Nutrition Services Negative Errors
Attachment - Case Manager Guide
Economic Services
June 25, 2013 EFS-WF-11-2013 Head Start Programs and Work First Collaboration Economic Services
June 25, 2013 PM-REM-03-2013 Changes in the Printing of Social Security Administration (SSA) Reports Performance Management
July 1, 2013 PM-REM-02-2013 New Historical Data Inquiry System Performance Management
July 2, 2013 EFS_FNSEP-12-2013 Webinar for Rollout of the Economic Benefits Integrated Manual Income Section Economic Services
July 3, 2013 BG-06-2013 Federal Grant Information
Attachment - SFY 2012 - 2013 Federal Grants
July 15, 2013 EFS-FNSEP-13-2013 Work Support Strategies and NC FAST Operational Readiness Workshops Economic Services
July 19, 2013 CSS-03-2013 Child Support Performance Goals SFY 2014
Attachment - Permance Goals for 2013-14
Child Support
July 19, 2013 EFS-FNSEP-14-2013 Crisis Intervention Program (CIP) Conference Call Economic Services
July 19, 2013 EFS-FNSEP-15-2013 Work Support Strategies and NC FAST Operation Readiness Workshops Economic Services
July 24, 2013 PM-REM-04-2013 County Holiday Schedule Performance Management
July 24, 2013 EFS-FNSEP-16-2013 Work Support Strategies and NC FAST Operation Readiness Workshops Economic Services
July 25, 2013 DIR-02-2013 NCFAST DSS Director
July 25, 2013 DIR-03-2013 Youth Employment Certificate (YEC Auto) Online Process DSS Director
July 30, 2013 NCFAST-13-0062 Use of MA, WF and SA Functionality for Project 2&6 Pilot Counties Only on 8-5-13
Attachment - Map
August 14, 2013 NCFAST-13-0064 NC FAST Increasing Number of OSS Staff to Support Counties NCFAST
August 17, 2013 CWS-12-2013 Foster Care Rates and Providers Participating in Cost Modeled Rates for Fiscal Year 2013-2014
Attachment - 2013-2014 Child Placing Agencies Participating in Cost Modeled Rates
Child Welfare Services
August 17, 2013 CWS-13-2013 Online Orientation for Prospective Foster Parents
Attachment - Announcement
Child Welfare Services
August 17, 2013 CWS-14-2013 Reaching Excellence and Accountability in Practice (REAP) CHild Welfare Achievement Data Dashboard
Attachment 1 - Instructions for Accessing REAP Data Dashboard
Attachment 2 - REAP Achievement Guide
Child Welfare Services
August 30, 2013 CWS-15-2013 Session Law 2013-326 Foster Care Children's Bill of Rights Child Welfare Services
September 5, 2013 EFS-FNSEP-16-2016c Notification of October 2013 and November 2013 Food and Nutrition Services Mass Change Notices Economic Services
September 9, 2013 EFS-FNSEP-17-2013 Food and Nutrition Services Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWD) Waiver Economic Services
September 11, 2013 EFS-WF-18-2013 Head Start and Work First Collaboration
Attachment 1 - Flyer
Attachment 2 - Contact List
Economic Services
September 15, 2013 CWS-16-2013 Preparation for Federal IV-E Eligibility Review Child Welfare Services
September 20, 2013 PM-REM-05-2013

Reminder to Counties: Using NC FAST Serviceand Program Codes on the DSS-4263

Performance Management
September 17, 2013 CSS-04-2013

NC General Assembly, Program Evaluation Division Evaluation of Local Child Support Programs
Attachment 1 - Entrance Conference Background
Attachment 2 - DHHS Engagement Letter

Child Support
September 26, 2013 EFS-WF-19-2013 Changes in General Educational Development (GED) programs Economic Services
September 27, 2013 BG-07-2013 Federal Funds for County Child Welfare State In Home Budget
October 2, 2013 EFS-FNSEP-20-2013 FNS Case Backlog Economic Services
October 3, 2013 DIR-04-2013 Federal Government Shutdown DSS Director
October 4, 2013 DIR-05-2013 Federal Government Shutdown DSS Director
October 10, 2013 DIR-06-2013 Federal Government Shutdown DSS Director
October 16, 2013 EFS-FNSEP-21-2013 FNS Denials or Terminations Economic Services
October 16, 2013 EFS-WF-22-2013 Participant Notice Regarding Federal Government Shutdown Economic Services
October 16, 2013 PM-REM-06-2013 Client Services Data Warehouse (CSDW) Upgrade Performance Management
October 17, 2013 EFS-WF-23-2013 Resumption of Work First and Refugee Programs Economic Services
October 28, 2013 BG-08-2013 Update on Subrecipient Self-Assessment of Internal Controls and Risk Budget
November 1, 2013 CWS-17-2013 Adoption Promotion Program Fund Child Welfare Services
November 27, 2013 EFS-WF-24-2013 Work First/Transitional Reporting Schedule for 2014
Attachment - 2014 WF/TR Schedule
Economic Services
December 2, 2013 CWS-18-2013 Community Child Protection Team (CCPT) End of Year Report
Attachment - 2013 CCPT Annual Report
Child Welfare Services
December 3, 2013 EFS-WF-25-2013

Application Time Standards Chart for 2014
Attachment - 2014 Application Time Standards Chart

Economic Services
December 4, 2013 BG-09-2013 MAXIMUS Consulting Services, Inc., Software Budget
December 4, 2013 EFS-WF-26-2013 Head Start and Work First Collaboration-Request for Proposal Economic Services
December 5, 2013 EFS-FNSEP-27-2013

Food and Nutrition Services Time Standards Calendar and Recertification Time Standards Charts
Attachment 1 - 2014 Time Standards Calendar
Attachment 2 - 2014 Timely Recertificactions Charts
Attachment 3 - 2014 Untimely Recertifications Chart
Attachment 4 - 2014 Late Recertifications Chart

Economic Services
December 6, 2013 PM-REM-07-2013 SFY 2012-2013 Child Welfare Funding Survey
Attachment - Child Welfare Funding Survey
Performance Management
December 13, 2013 EFS-WF-28-2013 2014 Work First Family Assistance Keying Deadlines
Attachment - 2014 Keying Deadline Dates
Economic Services
December 23, 2013 DIR-07-2013

USDA Letter
Attachment 1 - NC FAST Recertification Processing
Pending Recertifications

Attachment 2 - USDA Letter to Secretary
Attachment 3 - NC FAST Application Processing
Pending Applications

Attachment 4 - Sherry Bradsher Letter

DSS Director
December 27, 2013 DIR-08-2013 Federal Facilitated Market Place Medicaid Applications DSS Director



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