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Dear County Director Letters
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Letter Number Subject Section
January 3, 2014 CWS-01-2014

Child Welfare Data Collection
Attachment - 2013 Child Welfare Staffing Survey

Child Welfare Services
January 15, 2014 DIR-01-2014 NCFAST
Attachment 1 - December 5 Letter
Attachment 2 - December 20 Letter
Attachment 3 - December 27 Letter
DSS Director
January 15, 2014 EFS-FNSEP-01-2014 Work Support Strategies Leadership Summit 2014
Attachment - Registration Form
Economic Services
January 17, 2014 CWS-02-2014 ACI Support Specialists, Inc. Child Welfare Services
January 24, 2014 DIR-02-2014 NCFAST DSS Director
January 31, 2014 DIR-03-2014 NCFAST DSS Director
Attachment 1 - ORI Issuance Request Form Instructions
Attachment 2 - Service Agreement between DSS and County Sheriff
Attachment 3 - ORI Issuance Request Form (MSWord)
Attachment 4 - Division of Criminal Information Network User Agreement
Attachment 5 - Security and Privacy Training For Non-Certified Users
Child Welfare Services
February 10, 2014 CWS-04-2014 URGENT IV-E FUNDING AT RISK Child Welfare Services
February 14, 2014 CWS-05-2014 Reallocation of Time-Limited Family Reunification Funds
Attachment 1 - Spending & Outcome Data
Attachment 2 - Reunification Reallocation Questionnaire
Child Welfare Services
February 19, 2014 PM-REM-1-2014 Rekeying Certain DSS-5104 forms entered in Central Registry
Attachment - List of Counties with DSS-5104s to be rekeyed
Performance Management
February 19, 2014 BG-01-2014 Work First Block Grant/TANF Maintenance of Effort Budget
February 19, 2014 BG-02-2014 County Budget Estimates SFY 2014-15 Budget
February 25, 2014 DIR-04-2014 Guidance for Processing of Non-MAGI Medicaid Applications DSS Director
February 26, 2014 EFS-FNSEP-02-2014 Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) Employment and Training (E&T) Program Economic Services
February 26, 2014 DIR-05-2014 Applications and Recertification 3 Day Policy DSS Director
February 26, 2014 BG-03-2014 Sequestration of SSBG Budget
February 26, 2014 PM-REM-02-2014 75% FFP for Medicaid Administration; Health Choice and Family and Children’s Medicaid Coding; Use of NC FAST Service Codes for FNS/SNAP Service Activity Performance Management
February 28, 2014 EFS-FNSEP-03-2014 Reallocation of Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) and Crisis Intervention (CIP) Economic Services
February 28, 2014 EFS-FNSEP -04-2014 Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) Management Evaluation (ME) Tentative Schedule and Summary of Findings Economic Services
February 28, 2014 EFS-WF-05-2014 Work First Family Assistance Compliance Monitoring Economic Services
March 6, 2014 PC-01-2014 2014 Mandated Programs & Services List
Attachment - Mandated Programs and Services List
Program Compliance
March 17, 2014 CWS-06-2104 REVISION OF FIRE INSPECTION FORM (DSS-1515)
Child Welfare Services
Attachment 1 - Guide to Completing the Monthly Data Workbook
Attachment 2 - CW Workforce Monthly Data Workbook.V6.2014.xls (260 kb)
Child Welfare Services
March 18, 2014 PC-02-2014 Interpreter Services for the Deaf, Deaf-Blind and Hard of Hearing Program Compliance
March 24, 2014 PC-03-2014 DSS State Forms Translated into Spanish, Arabic, French, German, Korean, and
Program Compliance
April 1, 2014 CWS-08-2014 Reallocation of Time-Limited Family Reunification Funds
Attachment - Reunification Reallocation Amounts by County
Child Welfare Services
April 1, 2014 CWS-09-2014 Leadership Opportunity for CHild Welfare Supervisors
Attachment - The Charter of the North Carolina Child Welfare Supervision Advisory Committee
Child Welfare Services
April 1, 2014 CWS-10-2014 Child and Family Services Review (CFSR), Qualitative Case Reviews and Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Practices
Attachment 1 - QCR REAP Webinar Announcement
Attachment 2 - Foster Home Licensure File Organization
Child Welfare Services
April 4, 2014 DIR-06-2014 Issues/Concerns Matrix DSS Director
April 8, 2014 EFS-FNSEP -06-2014 Program Integrity Survey    Economic Services
April 30, 2014 BG-04-2014 Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 Budget
April 30, 2014 CWS-11-2014 Revision of Fire Inspection Form (DSS-1515) Child Welfare Services
April 30, 2014 CWS-12-2014 5104A Coding and the Responsible INdividuals List (RIL) Child Welfare Services
May 1, 2014 PM-REM-03-2014 TANF Data Collection Schedule for State Fiscal Year 2014-2015 Performance Management
May, 2, 2014 BG-05-2014 Budget Office Local Support to Counties
Attachment - LBL List with Backups
May 6, 2014 EFS-FNSEP-07-2014 Section 4018 of the Agricultural Act of 2014 Economic Services
May 12, 2014 BG-06-2014 Federal Grant Information
Attachment - SFY 2013-14 Federal Grants
May 15, 2014 CWS-13-2014

Attachment 1 - Registrations Received for 2013
Attachment 2 - Training Requirements by Job Functions

Child Welfare Services
May 16, 2014 BG-07-2014 Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) and Medicaid Coding
Attachment - Minutes Coded to Select Service Codes by Program Code, April 2014
May 27, 2014 EFS-WF-08-2014 Benefit Diversion Survey
Attachment - Benefit Diversion Survey
Economic Services
June 2, 2014 BG-08-2014 Medicaid Coding Budget
June 2, 2014 CWS-14-2014 Permanency Innovation Initiative (PII)
Attachment - Counties to be served by Permanency Innovations Initiative
Child Welfare Services
June 11, 2014 PM-REM-04-2014 Modifications to the Multiple Response System Database Performance Management
June 11, 2014 PM-REM-05-2014 County Holiday Schedule Performance Management
June 11, 2014 EFS-WF-09-2014 Sharing Fleeing Felon and Parole/Probation Violator Status with Law Enforcement
Attachment - Agency Letter and Contact List
Economic Services
July 1, 2014 CWS-15-2014 Revision of Foster Home License Application (DSS-5016) and of Foster Home Relicense Application (DSS-5157)
Attachment 1 - DSS-5015 Checklist
Attachment 2 - DSS-5016 Checklist
Attachment 3 - DSS-5157 Checklist
Attachment 4 - DSS-5017, 5156, 5150, 1515 Checklist
Child Welfare Services
July 1, 2014 CWS-16-2014 Post Adoption Support Services Child Welfare Services
July 3, 2014 EFS-WF-10-2014 Work First County Planning
Attachment 1 - WFBG Elected County Plan
Attachment 2 -WFBG Electing County Designation Form
Attachment 3 - WFBG Planning Timeline
Economic Services
July 9, 2014 EFS-FNSEP-11-2014 Disaster EBT Cards and Policy Contacts
Attachment - Delivery of Disaster EBT Cards and Disaster FNS Policy Contacts Form
Economic Services
July 15, 2014 CWS-17-2014 Adoption Recruitment Opportunity for Child Welfare Agencies Child Welfare Services
July 15, 2014 CWS-18-2014 Improperly Verified Juvenile Petitions (Abuse/ Neglect/ Dependency) Child Welfare Services
July 15, 2014 CWS-19-2014 Opportunities for Practice Model Introduction Child Welfare Services
July 16, 2014 DIR-07-2014  DHHS Operational Support Team (OST) DSS Director
July 24, 2014 CSS-01-2014 Child Support Performance Goals SFY 2015
Attachment - Performance Goals SFY 2015
Child Support Services
August 1, 2014 CWS-20-2014 Foster Care Rates and Providers Participating in Cost Modeled Rates for the Fiscal Year 2014-2015
Attachment - 2014 - 2015 Child Placing Agencies Participating in Cost Modeled Rates
Child Welfare Services
August 4, 2014 EFS-FNSEP-12-2014 Food and Nutrition Services Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWD) Waiver Economic Services
August 4, 2014 EFS-FNSEP-13-2014 Disaster Food and Nutrition Services Training Webinar Economic Services
August 8, 2014 EFS-FNSEP-14-2014 Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) and Crisis Intervention (CIP) Outreach Plan Economic Services
August 29, 2014 EFS-WF-15-2014 Process to submit policy questions for Medicaid and Work First to the Operational Support Team Economic Services
September 1, 2014 CWS-21-2014 Foster Parent Membership Eligibility for Local Government Federal Credit Union
Attachment - Flyer
Child Welfare Services
September 1, 2014 CWS-22-2014 State Parent Locate Service (SPLS) and Federal Parent Locate Service (FPLS) Child Welfare Services
September 4, 2014 EFS-FNSEP-16-2014

Notification of October 2014 Food and Nutrition Services Mass Change Notices

Economic Services
September 5, 2014 EFS-FNSEP-17-2014 Energy Programs Contracts Economic Services
September 12, 2014 EFS-FNSEP-18-2014 Process to submit policy questions for Food and Nutrition Services to the Operational Support Team Economic Services
September 22, 2014 EFS-FNSEP-19-2014 Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) Management Evaluation (ME) Tentative Schedule and Summary of Findings Economic Services
September 25, 2014 EFS-FNSEP-20-2014 Program Integrity-Treasury Offset Program (TOP)
Attachment - TOP Letter
Economic Services
September 26, 2014 DIR-08-2014 New Funding Allocations to Local
County DSSs for Child Protective Services
DSS Director
September 29, 2014 DIR-09-2014 Announcement DSS Director
October 9, 2014 EFS-FNSEP-21-2014

Program Integrity Training
Attachment 1 - Agenda
Attachment 2 - Registration Form

Economic Services
October 13, 2014 PC-04-2014 Red Cross Shelter Management/Shelter Operations Training Program Compliance
October 15, 2014 CWS-23.2014

Adoption Promotion Program
Attachemtn 1 - Adoption Promotion Program Fund Chart
Attachment 2 - Affadavit of Adoption Expenditures

Child Welfare Services
October 15, 2014 CWS-24-2014 Fostering Health NC Child Welfare Services
October 30, 2014 PM-REM-06-2014 FSIS Lite Bi-Annual Security Reviews Performance Management
November 5, 2014 EFS-FNSEP-22-2014 Energy Programs Conference Call Economic Services
November 7, 2014 BG-09-2014 CPS Caseload Reduction
Attachment 1 - Caseload Reduction Allocation
Attachment 2 - County Commitment Caseload Red
November 7, 2014 BG-10-2014 QUIC TEC Uplift
Attachment 1 - TEC QUIC EFT LOI
Attachment 2 - TEC Allocation Day Sheet Data SFy2014
November 12, 2014 CWS-25-2014 Resource Parent Portal Child Welfare Services
November 12, 2014 CWS-26-2014 Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) - Statewide Data Performance Measurements
Attachment - Executive Summary
Child Welfare Services
November 12, 2014 DIR-10-2014 Foster Care Addresses in Child Support Court Orders DSS Director
November 20, 2014 PM-REM-07-2014 Microsoft Windows XP Remediation Performance Management
December 1, 2014 CWS-27-2014 Child Welfare Staffing Data Collection
Attachment - 2014 Data Books
Child Welfare Services
December 1, 2014 CWS-28-2014 Community Child Protection Teams (CCPT) End of Year Report 2014 Child Welfare Services
December 5, 2014 BG-11-2014 SFY 2013-2014 Child Welfare Funding Survey
Attachment - CW Funding Survey (38 Kb Excel)
December 11, 2014 PC-05-2014

Language Services Agreement Instructions for Limited English Proficiency (LEP)
DSS-10001 form

Program Compliance
December 16, 2014 EFS-FNSEP-23-2014 Aisle by Aisle:  Choosing Food Wisely DVD Economic Services



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