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The County Readiness Team and Training Team will work with the counties to assure that each county is prepared to implement the NC FAST Case Management System prior to go-live and then is thoroughly trained on the new system in a timely manner.

County Readiness Team:

A critical part of NC FAST implementation is the preparation effort made by both the NC FAST Program and the 100 counties of North Carolina prior to go-live. The NC FAST County Readiness Team was established specifically to support this effort and to foster a strong working relationship between county departments of social services agencies and the NC FAST Program.

The NC FAST County Readiness Team will guide each county to a successful implementation through use of direct communications, discussions and county-specific assessments. To support this process, the team includes County Readiness Liaisons who will work together with County Champions to:

  • Foster establishment of realistic expectations about the system and related county department of social services process changes.
  • Define specific approaches to inform the impacted audiences of NC FAST scope, job/process impacts, implementation activities and timing.
  • Prepare county department of social services staff for the impact the new system will have on their jobs and required knowledge, skills and abilities they will need to effectively use the new system.
  • Involve NC DHHS leadership, county department of social services leadership and staff in preparation for the NC FAST implementation and related business processes impacts.
  • Proactively resolve issues and concerns regarding the implementation of NC FAST.

The County Readiness Team takes a “hands on” approach to the preparation process and will make regular visits to each county to conduct initial meetings, kick-off presentations, process analysis discussions and readiness assessments. The team will work with each county department of social services director, agency leadership, and program staff to make NC FAST implementation a success.

Training Team:

The Training Team will work closely with county departments of social services staff so that they become adept at using the new system: Building NC FAST knowledge and skills is the mission of the Training Team. The team will use a multifaceted approach to training delivery. Instead of viewing training as a one-time event, the team views training as an inter-related sequence of activities that builds knowledge and proficiency over time.

This approach includes system demonstrations, ongoing communication, web-based training, classroom training, and online support resources and materials. Providing NC FAST users with a rich array of formal training, reference materials and job aids enables them to more quickly move up the learning curve and achieve a high degree of proficiency with the new system.

The NC FAST training approach strives to provide ample opportunity for county department of social services staff to get hands-on experience with the new system and learn its capabilities through training modeled on real world scenarios. Completion of real world scenarios during training increases staff confidence in their ability to use the new system back at the county office. Online support resources available from within NC FAST will provide easy access to support materials should users need help once they begin working in the new system.

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Last updated - October 4, 2013