Office of North Carolina Families Accessing Services through Technology


For Project 2&6 status refer to the Project 2&6 webpage.

In total, 81 counties responded to the request for Project 2&6 Pilot County volunteers; 34 requested to be Pilot Counties. It is encouraging to NC FAST that all Project 1 Pilot Counties volunteered to be Project 2&6 Pilot Counties. Thanks to all the counties who responded!

There are 3 primary Pilot Counties (Chatham, Johnston, Orange) and many secondary Pilot Counties.

County readiness activities began in December 2012, with the Implementation team performing a Job Task Analysis in each Pilot County. The team met with Pilot County management to learn about their processes and get input on training needs. They observed Work First and Medicaid staff perform intake and other functions, and interviewed workers and supervisors. This input was invaluable in developing the training materials.

County staff, primarily from Pilot Counties, volunteered to perform User Acceptance Testing (UAT) which required them to dedicate time to test at the Raleigh NC FAST site in addition to their home base. In the spring, the team participated in WSS Team Town Hall meetings, and facilitated Foundation Workshops across the state. The workshops allowed county staff to have time away from the office devoted to developing plans for the implementation of Project 2&6, including reception and the universal worker approach.

Initial readiness assessments for all 100 counties were completed, and used to provide processing statistics and determine/validate each county’s preparedness for their Soft Launch. County Readiness staff are completing Hard Launch readiness assessments, and during October assessments were conducted in 54 counties. The team will complete all 100 assessments in November. The team is also gathering training registration and logistic forms to facilitate Hard Launch Wave 2 training.

NC FAST hosts a well-attended biweekly County Champion call and conducts periodic webinars of interest to all counties. Please contact your Readiness Liaison with any suggested topics for future Champion calls or webinars.


Last updated - November 22, 2013