Office of North Carolina Families Accessing Services through Technology


The human service programs in scope of NC FAST are administered by the 100 county departments of social services and supervised by NC DHHS.

Nineteen legacy systems have been identified that collect, maintain and process information about applicants and recipients. Although they are a solid foundation, these legacy systems are disparate and not well suited to support the growing demands of economic benefits, child welfare, adult care and aging services, health care reform, and related changes in accountability to share and integrate information. Redundant entry, which includes entering the same client data in multiple systems, is currently necessary because these systems do not adequately share data, resulting in duplicated work, increased risk of errors and increased time for gathering and entering information.

NC DHHS and the county departments of social services require a highly integrated case management system across all services and benefits programs to pull together today's islands of information into a single-solution system and provide functionality that does not exist today. The NC FAST Case Management solution represents the steps toward achieving the objectives that will result in improved operations for NC DHHS social services system.

Last updated - August 3, 2012