Office of North Carolina Families Accessing Services through Technology


NC FAST has identified four broad business objectives:

  1. To support a truly integrated, cross-functional social and human services delivery approach that moves beyond the current environment.
  2. To meet the increased demand for programs and services within the Health Care Reform legislation, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) (Public Law 111-148).
  3. To provide proactive case management tools that enable county departments of social services and NC DHHS to manage caseloads more effectively.
  4. To help families move toward independence by providing a comprehensive “one-stop shop” for human services.

NC FAST has identified the following technical objectives:

  1. To reduce manual and dual data entry.
  2. To enable real-time sharing of client and case information across program and county lines.
  3. To automate the collection and maintenance of client demographic information including client relationships.
  4. To automate the collection and maintenance of interactions with clients.
  5. To automate the collection and evaluation of clients' abilities, skills and unmet needs.
  6. To automate the collection and maintenance of case decision-making and planning after a thorough assessment.
  7. To reduce cycle time for determination of eligibility.
  8. To reduce manual and administrative work requirements to help free up worker and supervisor time to perform key service and case management functions.
  9. To automate the collection and maintenance of data for managing, recording and tracking service plans.
  10. To coordinate client services and resources to achieve goals of service plans, and to investigate and manage fraud and abuse claims.
  11. To track productivity and manage schedules and security access to information.
  12. To provide progress measurements and metrics reporting for management forecasting and planning of services and resources.
  13. To provide support for federal and state mandated reports.
  14. To enhance staff morale and job satisfaction by providing workers with well-developed, intuitive, reliable, and flexible information systems.

Last updated - August 3, 2012