Office of North Carolina Families Accessing Services through Technology


The link to the ePASS Informative Video:

We are pleased to announce the “ePASS Informative Video” is now available via YouTube. The video is an informative tool to help educate the public on the benefits of using ePASS, the public portal of NC FAST. Please share the video link with citizens in your county to assist them with understanding the ePASS system.

This video includes the following information: What is ePASS, How to access ePASS, How to start an ePASS application, Information needed to complete an ePASS application, Components of the ePASS home page

The link to ePASS:

ePASS is an easy-to-use Internet-based tool that lets customers get information about North Carolina benefits and services that may help them. ePASS is accessible from the privacy of one’s home or any Internet location. Using ePASS requires a North Carolina Identity Management (NCID) username and password. The ePASS homepage has a link to where customers can create an NCID account.

Current Features:

  • Complete applications for Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) and Medicaid online with the option to sign and submit applications electronically. A final eligibility decision is made by the county department of social services after customers submit their application.
  • Withdraw an electronically submitted application.
  • Check application status.

Phase 1 was implemented July 1, 2010, and shows a range of programs for which North Carolina residents may be eligible; provides them with information they need to make an informed decision about pursuing program assistance; and simplifies the process to encourage participation. This resident-driven model increases the likelihood that the plans, benefits and services put in place to help individuals and families achieve self-sufficiency will be successful.

Phase 2 FNS was implemented May 27, 2011. It enables individuals to answer detailed questions, print the FNS application and then mail, fax, or bring the application to the county departments of social services.

Phase 2 Medicaid application intake was implemented August 16, 2012. Similar to FNS functionality, North Carolina residents have the opportunity to review the new Medicaid Information Fact Sheet when beginning the application process or opening an already existing account. The Medicaid Information Fact Sheet provides information about Medicaid and North Carolina Health Choice (NCHC) for children, covered services and an individual’s responsibilities and rights.

Phase 3 FNS was integrated as part of the NC FAST Case Management System in April 2013. Customers now have the opportunity to apply for FNS online, and enter the required information for the application. They have the option to electronically sign and submit an FNS application. The NC FAST System then routes the FNS application to the appropriate county department of social services for processing.

Phase 3 Medicaid (now part of Project 7): The ability for customers to electronically sign and submit a Medicaid application online was included in NC FAST Project 7, Federally-Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) Interoperability on October 1, 2013. Please see Project 7 for more information.

Last updated - March 3, 2015