Office of North Carolina Families Accessing Services through Technology



OLV was placed in production in October 2004, and was used by all 100 counties. OLV has since been integrated with the NC FAST System and is now called the Online Verification Service (OVS). Retrieval of data as needed by the various partner programs is, to the extent possible, an automatic function within the NC FAST System. Efforts are underway to continually upgrade search tools, improve access to real-time data, and save and update case management information generated by performing a search using OVS.

What is OVS?

OVS automates verification of new applicant information and any required re-verification of client information retrieved from several federal and state benefit and reporting systems, including:

  • NC Division of Motor Vehicles
  • U.S. Social Security Administration
  • NC Department of Correction
  • Employment Security Commission

Introducing this single interface for verification has significantly reduced the time that state and county staff spend:

  • Entering and re-entering data
  • Filing forms
  • Creating reports

Historical Documents:

Last updated - January 31, 2014