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Consumer-Directed Supports

Info for Individuals and Families


Complete Informational Guide

Info for Providers of Care

Consumer-Directed Supports Home

When you direct your own services, you make your own decisions and take responsibility for them. Consumer-directed supports give you more flexibility in your daily routine. They give you the chance to take greater control of your life. Consumer-directed supports:

  • May increase your independence and self-sufficiency;
  • May improve the quality of support you receive; and
  • May help you to lead a more healthy and productive life.

Programs that allow consumer directed supports, and the contacts, are:

  • CAP DA and CAP Choice Medicaid Waivers, NC Division of Medical Assistance, (919) 855-4366
  • CAP MRDD Medicaid Waiver, NC Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services
    (919) 715-2774
  • NC Division of Services for the Blind, Independent Living Program
    (919) 733-2724,
  • Family Caregiver Support Program
    NC Division of Aging and Adult Services
    (919) 733-0440
  • First In Families of North Carolina
    (919) 781-3616, ext. 223
  • Home and Community Care Block Grant
    NC Division of Aging and Adult Services
    (919) 733-3893 or (336) 357-2700
  • Piedmont Innovations Medicaid Waiver
    NC Piedmont Local Management Entity
    (704) 305-1264
  • Project CARE, NC Division of Aging and Adult Services, 733-0440
  • NC Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Independent Living Program
    (919) 855-3524

Consumer-directed supports gives you the privilege to manage your own support workers. This means you can:

  • Choose the people you want to hire to provide your services and supports.
  • Decide what special knowledge and skills, if any, the people you hire must have.
  • Train workers to meet your needs.
  • Replace (fire) workers, when necessary, who do not meet your needs.

When you decide to participate in consumer-directed supports, a Care Advisor/Case Manager will be available to help plan and manage services. You, your Care Advisor/Case Manager, and others develop a Participant-Centered Plan and a budget to implement the Plan. This may include personal care services, equipment, and supplies, which will best meet your needs and desires. You and your Care Advisor/Case Manager decide together how much assistance you want and receive.

The program may require or allow you to have a Financial Manager to provide personnel and payroll related services. This means the Financial Manager, on your behalf and at your request, may complete background checks, process checks, manage accounts and payroll, and handle appropriate withholdings, such as taxes and benefits.








Last modified: September 13, 2011