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In House Bill 1030, passed by the General Assembly and signed by the Governor, changes were made to General Statute 131D-4.2 which governs the Adult Care Cost Reporting requirements. Adult Care Cost Reports will now be submitted every two years rather than annually.

This means no Adult Care Cost Report will be due in 2016. The next cost report will be in 2017.

More information will be posted on this website when reporting dates and due dates are determined for 2017. If you have questions, please contact Susan Sibbett at 919-855-3680 or

NEW DHHS Cost Reporting Changes memo dated 11/21/2016

Information for:

Current Year

Prior Year

You can contact the following people if you have any questions or problems:

City/Area Name Phone E-mail
Raleigh Susan Kesler Sibbett 919-855-3680
Raleigh FAX 919-715-3095  
Raleigh AUP questions



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