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North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
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Courier # 56-20-01

James B. Hunt, Jr., Governor
Joyce H. Johnson, Controller
H. David Bruton, M.D., Secretary
(919) 733-0169

February 4, 1999

Dear County Director of Social Services:

Subject: Reminders and Items on Transition to Electronic Submission of 1571

I appreciate those county's that have made a real effort to help make the transition to a new way of doing business for administrative reimbursement. This is only the beginning; before we are through, we will have a substantially improved process. There have been some real challenges in the technical area, and the work of a lot of county and state staff have overcome nearly all of them. There are a very few still lingering, but, with the continued effort of those involved, I am sure they will be eliminated quickly.

The following information is being sent to facilitate the DSS-1571 reporting and reimbursement process overall and the electronic submission in particular. A copy of this letter will be sent to the DSS-1571 Contact Personnel on our list.

Staff time for NC Health Choice should be reported on the IB of your Part I. (In the past, the sequence number/function code combination would direct an entry to the right place on the Part I. Now that you're using the DMG software, you will need to make sure entries are on the correct part of the report so that overhead is charged appropriately.)

The certification (Statement of Administrative Costs) form should be faxed just prior to uploading the Part I file. The certification should only contain information for the expenditures being submitted electronically (currently the Part I only) The original (hard copy) certification must be mailed with the DSS-1571 Parts II and IV. The date that the hard copy of the faxed certification and Part II are received will be logged as the official receipt date of your report.

You should enter the pay classification, position and social security numbers for staff reported on the DSS-1571 Part I. An error message will appear otherwise.

All records submitted electronically should have the same date as the month being processed (ex: 9901 for January services). Please do not submit prior month reports.

Since there are still a county or two that do not get their 1571's in until late, we have set up a process to ensure that data from one month does not wipeout data from the prior month. Counties must not upload their data for a month until they are certain that the prior month's processing is complete. A report XS324 will appear on RMDS ("DHRWCA WCA350 NOTIFICATION RPT") when we have completed processing the current service month which will be an indication to you that you may submit your electronic file for the new month. (Another indication that you may upload the next month's file is when you see the XS411 on RMDS for the service month prior to the one you're working on.)

As some of you are aware, if you have a correction with negative numbers, the DMG software is not sending the entry in a format that is accepted by our system. These entries are being rejected and listed as an error. DMG is aware of this and will send updated software to you. In the meantime, you may submit these corrections (the monetary net effect should be zero) on a hard copy Supplemental form. If you are adding a new person or a new entry, you should include this entry with through your "DMG" files.

Function Code 39 must have an FTE of 0.00 (ref. Fiscal Manual III A-2-10, #24).

On the Part I, the benefits column can not exceed 6 (six) digits (including the cents). If you have a group of Chore Workers that are normally reported as a lump sum on the Part IA (with overhead on the Part II), the salary and benefits will need to be split if the benefits exceed six digits. If you are using a code (other than Function Code 39) and use a FTE, the FTE would need to be split as well as the money. [Ex: Jane Doe, SS# 999-99-9999 with a FTE of 1.00, salary of $40,000.00, benefits of $10,000.00 and a total of $50,000.00....this entry would need to be split (because the benefits column exceeds six digits). An easy split would be Jane Doe, SS# 999-99-9999, FTE .50, salary $20,000.00, benefits $5,000.00 with a total of $25,000.00. The second entry would be the same. The total FTE would still be 1.00.]

You are now responsible for balancing both your electronic and hard copy reports and correcting all errors. All errors must be corrected and your report must be in balance by the 25th of each month or the first workday thereafter (if the 25th is on a weekend). Many counties have changed DSS-1571 contact personnel. Please forward (including the phone number and email address) to County Administration the appropriate DSS-1571 contact person (if it is not the same as the person to whom we send the turnaround). This should be updated anytime there is a change. The contact person should be someone who can answer questions about errors on the report (Parts II and Part IV in particular).

The greenbar turnaround reports will no longer be mailed to you beginning with the processing of the service month of January.

If you have any questions, please contact your Local Business Liaison or the County Administration Accounting Unit.



Joyce H. Johnson

cc: DSS-1571 Contact Personnel
Kevin FitzGerald
Gary Fuquay
Karen Anderson
Jim Knight
Tina Pickett
Local Business Liaisons
Diane Blashko (DMG)

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