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North Carolina Department of Human Resources
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Courier # 56-20-01

James B. Hunt, Jr., Governor
Joyce H. Johnson, Controller
H. David Bruton, M.D., Secretary (919) 733-0169

June 30, 1998

Dear County Director of Social Services:

Subject: Fiscal Reporting Procedures for IV-E Waiver Reinvestment

Effective with July services reimbursed August, 1998, the following codes will be valid for claiming reimbursement through the DSS-1571 for IV-E Waiver Reinvestment. You will receive SIS information indicating the service and program codes to be used on daysheets and valid for purchased services. The appropriate DSS program staff will assist your agency with when to use the following codes.

Part IA (Salary & Fringe Benefits):

Function Code 22, Column 11 (Waiver Renv IV-E Elg-F/S) 50% Federal, 50% State

Function Code 22, Column 12 (Waiver Renv IV-E N-Elg-F/S) 50% Federal, 50% State

Function Code 22, Column 13 (Waiver Renv IV-E Elg-F/C) 50% Federal, 50% County

Function Code 22 Column 14 (Waiver Renv IV-E N-Elg-F/C) 50% Federal, 50% County

Part II (Administrative Expenditures): Code 349 is the appropriate code for cost pooling. The Part II codes below are available for use when a request to direct charge has been approved (ref. Dear County Director letter of 4/24/97).

Code Fund Description Code Fund Description

058 1 Waiv Renv IV-E Elg-F/S 060 1 Waiv Renv IV-E Elg-F/C

059 1 Waiv Renv IV-E N-Elg-F/S 061 1 Waiv Renv IV-E N-Elg-F/C

Part IV (Purchased Services):

Fund ID "0" (zero) (Waiv Renv IV-E Elg-F/S) Fund ID "F" (Waiv Renv IV-E N-Elg-F/S)

Fund ID "Z" (Waiv Renv IV-E Elg-F/C) Fund ID "B" (Waiv Renv IV-E N-Elg-F/C)

The reimbursement rate is 50% Federal and 50% State or 50% Federal and 50% County (F/S represents Federal/State and F/C represents Federal/County). If you have any questions concerning these reporting instructions, please contact your Local Business Liaison or County Administration at (919) 733-2306.



Joyce H. Johnson



cc: DSS-1571 Contact Personnel
Kevin FitzGerald
Wanda Mitchell
Jim Knight
Gary Fuquay
David Atkinson

Business Liaisons
Tina Pickett

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