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February 6, 2002

Dear County Director of Social Services:

Subject: Fiscal Reporting Procedures for the Federal Adoption Incentive Fund
For all counties except Avery, Camden, Chowan, Clay, Gates, Graham, Hyde, Swain, and Tyrrell counties.

Effective with January 2002 services reimbursed February 2002 and in accordance with the SIS Change No. 01-02, the following codes must be used to claim reimbursement through the DSS-1571 for the Federal Adoption Incentive Fund.

Please note that The Federal Adoption Incentive Fund will end reimbursement with the August 2002 service month paid September 2002.

Part IA: Function Code 55, Column Code 09 must be used to report salary and fringe benefits for staff. Reimbursement via County Administration is 100% Federal. This program will be tracked under new application code 085 (Services) on the XS325, XS335, and XS337 using the title "Fed Adopt Incentive."

Part II (Administrative Expenditures and/or Purchased Services): Part II Code 085, Fund "1" will be used to report the purchased services that does not require a client ID. This cost will be tracked in application code 085. The appropriate cost pooling code is 349, Fund 1.

Part IV (Purchased Services): Fund ID "7" must be used for the applicable purchased services requiring a client ID that will be reported on the Part IV. This cost will be tracked in application code 085.

This program will be tracked on the XS411. In terms of overhead (for your DMG software), this program will not draw overhead from IM Supervision & Clerical, IV-D Supervision & Clerical or Joint Workers IM & IV-D.

If you have any questions concerning these reporting procedures, please contact your appropriate Local Business Liaison or County Administration at (919) 733-2306.



Gary H. Fuquay


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