EMS Advisory Council

The North Carolina EMS Advisory Council acts as an advisory body to the Office of Emergency Medical Services. The council meets quarterly in the second week of the months of February, May, August and November.


Name Representing Term Ends City
Dr. Kim L. Askew N.C. Medical Society 2018 Winston-Salem, NC
Dr. William Atkinson Public Member 2017 Raleigh, NC
Mr. Todd S. Baker American Heart Association, N.C. Council 2019 Wake Forest, NC
Mr. Terry Barber N.C. Association of EMS Administrators 2017 Wilson, NC
Dr. Nicholas H. Benson** Public Member 2017 Greenville, NC
Ms. Carolyn Creech Public Member, EMS Educator 2020 Washington, NC
Dr. Theodore R. Delbridge N.C. Medical Society 2017 Greenville, NC
Mr. Jim Gusler N.C. Senate Appointee 2019 Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Viola Harris N.C. Association of County Commissioners 2017 Tarboro, NC
Dr. L. Lee Isley N.C. Hospital Association 2018 Oxford, NC
Dr. Elizabeth P. Kanof N.C. Medical Board 2018 Raleigh, NC
Ms. Dianne Layden NC House Appointee 2019 Belvidere, NC
Ms. Traci M. Little N.C. Senate Appointee 2017 Burlington, NC
Mr. Donnie Loftis Public Member 2020 Gastonia, NC
Dr. R. Darrell Nelson N.C. College of Emergency Physicians 2018 Clemmons, NC
Ms. Lynn S. Norwood American Red Cross 2019 Boone, NC
Mr. Graham Pervier * Public Member 2019 Reidsville, NC
Mr. Robert Poe N.C. Association of Rescue and EMS 2020 Jefferson, NC
Mr. Kevin Staley N.C. House Appointee 2019 Charlotte, NC
Dr. Edward St. Bernard Public Member 2020 Marion, NC
Dr. Douglas R. Swanson N.C. College of Emergency Physicians 2019 Waxhaw, NC
Dr. Jefferson Williams N.C. College of Emergency Physicians 2019 Raleigh, NC
Mr. Edward Wilson, II N.C. Nurses Association 2017 Pittsboro, NO
Dr. James Wyatt, III NC Chapter of the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma 2020 Greensboro, NC

* Advisory Council Chair. Ad Hoc member to both committees
** Advisory Council Vice-Chair


Meeting Archive

The following links are an archive of the actual EMS Advisory Council meetings, providing both audio and video of the meeting. They are an adjunct to the minutes and enable the viewer to refer back to the actual meeting.

Software requirements: Windows Media Player is required for the meetings.

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