License Overnight Respite Services

This procedure outlines the steps to license overnight respite services in a certified adult day or adult day health program. Overnight respite services are licensed under General Statute 131D. The N.C. Medical Care Commission has rulemaking authority. Rules are found in Title 10A of the North Carolina Administrative Code (NCAC): 10A NCAC 13E.

Contacts: If interested in operating an adult day program or adult day health program contact the Division of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS). Contact for licensing overnight respite services in a certified adult day/adult day health program is made with the Adult Care Licensure Section (ACLS). For questions regarding the physical plant requirements for overnight respite services, contact the Construction Section.

Adult Care Licensure Section 919-855-3765
Construction Section 919-855-3893
Division of Aging and Adult Services 919-855-3400


  1. Apply for a license: Adult Care Licensure Section
    1. The prospective applicant for overnight respite services in a certified adult day/adult day health program submits the Initial License Application for Overnight Respite Services (PDF, 70 KB) with the Information for Construction Review document and initial licensure fee of $350.00 along with blueprints and color photo prints (for existing structures) showing pictures of all exterior sides of the building and yards and each interior room.
    2. ACLS staff review the application and if there is any incomplete information or if there are findings on the compliance history check prohibiting licensure according to 10A NCAC 13E .0202 , the Adult Care Licensure section notifies the applicant in writing and requests, as appropriate, changes or necessary information.
    3. After review of the application, ACLS sends a letter to the applicant requesting submission of certain records and policies and procedures for review.
    4. ACLS sends the information for Construction Review document (submitted with the application), blueprints and color photo prints to the Construction Section.
  2. Obtain construction approval: Construction Section
    1. Once the Construction Section receives the transmittal, the blue prints and color photo prints from ACLS they will invoice the applicant the cost of the review. Payment should be made in the form of a check, money order, or certified check made payable to: "Division of Health Service Regulation." The payment for plan review fee should be mailed to: Construction Section; 2705 Mail Service Center; Raleigh, NC 27699-2705 along with a copy of the invoice. Projects will not be reviewed until the invoice is paid in full.
    2. The Construction Section reviews the floor plans and notifies the applicant of requirements or review comments and instructions. The Construction section acts as the control point for distribution of plans and specifications to the Department of Insurance where required (see 2.a above). Plans are generally reviewed in three stages: schematic, design development, and final working drawings.
    3. Applicants and their designers work closely with local building officials and fire prevention officials as well as with the Construction Section to ensure that the building is in compliance with applicable codes and licensure rules.
    4. At least two weeks before construction is complete, the applicant sends a letter to the Construction Section requesting a final construction inspection; include project final documentation requested by the plan review letter. The facility must be ready with all systems operational and all construction completed by the final construction inspection date. The Construction Section does not do punch-list inspections; which are the responsibility of the designer, contractor, and owner. In order to prevent a delay with licensing, please send a copy of the construction inspection request letter to the Adult Care Licensure Section office.
    5. The Construction Section sends a copy of the final inspection document list to the applicant, inspects the facility for licensure, and reviews the required final documentation.
    6. When all physical plant related items are acceptable, the Construction Section sends a letter of construction approval to the applicant, and a transmittal form recommending licensure to the Adult Care Licensure Section.
  3. Obtain a license: Adult Care Licensure Section
    1. With the Construction Section's recommendation for licensure, ACLS will complete a review of the program policies and procedures in accordance with 10A NCAC 13E .0501 and ensure all other licensure requirements are met.
    2. Once all licensure requirements are met, ACLS will schedule an onsite pre-licensing visit.
    3. After successful completion of the pre-licensing visit, a 12 month license to provide overnight respite services will be issued.
    4. Licenses must be renewed annually using the Overnight Respite Services Renewal License Application and submission of the $350.00 renewal license fee.