Establishing a Home Care Agency

Purpose: This procedure describes the steps to become a licensed home care agency. Each site providing home care services must be separately licensed. The North Carolina Medical Care Commission has rulemaking authority for home care. The statutes that apply to home care are North Carolina General Statutes 131E-135 through 142 and the rules are under Title 10A of the North Carolina Administrative Code (10A NCAC 13J).

Please be aware that there may be variations in the process since individual projects may have special circumstances. The flow chart is intended to be a general guide to aid the applicant in completing the overall project.

Contacts: For questions regarding any part of this process, please contact the appropriate section of the N.C. Division of Health Service Regulation:

Acute and Home Care Licensure & Certification Section 919-855-4620

Procedure Summary: Applicants for a home care agency may apply directly to the Acute and Home Care Licensure and Certification Section for licensure. In some instances licensed home home care agencies can receive Medicaid certification for specific services such as Medicaid Community Alternatives Program (CAP), Personal Care Services (PCS) and Home Infusion Therapy (HIT), among others. For further information concerning Medicaid services, contact the Division of Medical Assistance at 919-855-4100. However, applicants proposing to be certified for Medicare Home Health or for Medicaid Home Health must refer to Establishing a Certified Home Health Agency.


  1. Obtain a license: Acute and Home Care Licensure and Certification Section
    1. The applicant may download the licensure application. Since agencies may provide one or more home care services, a multi-purpose license application is used and a multi-program license may be issued. The applicant submits a completed application to the section.
    2. The section will review the application and fee, ownership requirements and agency director requirements for accuracy and completeness.
    3. After completion of the above, the section office will send an acknowledgement letter confirming receipt of submitted documentation and informing the applicant when to contact the section office for an initial survey.
    4. After the applicant receives the acknowledgement letter, you would then contact Division of Health Service Regulation offices to schedule the initial survey appointment.
    5. If the agency’s policies and procedures and qualified personnel are approved at the time of the survey, an approval letter and license will be mailed to the applicant.
    6. If the agency’s policies and procedures are not approved at the time of the initial survey, you will be informed at the time of the survey. You will then have an opportunity to correct any issues identified during the initial survey and a follow up survey will be scheduled.