Nurse Aide Continuing Education Modules

Nurse Aide Continuing Education Modules

The North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation has developed seven nurse aide continuing education modules. These modules were designed specifically for use by staff development coordinators, RNs and instructors in the health care field to address the continuing education needs of nurse aides who have already completed a basic nurse aide course of instruction and are currently working in a skilled nursing facility. Portions of the material also may be adapted to other types of health care settings. These materials are not copyrighted and may be copied or reproduced in their entirety.

The titles of the modules include:

In addition to the nurse aide continuing education modules, a module entitled The Teaching-Learning Process/Principles of Adult Learning (PDF, 303 KB) is included as a helpful guide for the novice instructor, as well as the seasoned educator.

Funding for the development of these modules was made possible by a grant received by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services from the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust to address nurse aide recruitment, retention and training.

Note: The modules are being offered in portable document format. If you cannot open them or if you receive errors paging through the modules, try updating your version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader or contact CARE Educator Support staff at 919-855-3970.