HCPR Investigations

The Health Care Personnel Registry Section's Investigation Branch investigates facility reports of allegations against unlicensed health care personnel.  Facilities that need to file an investigation report with the branch can use the forms below.  Follow the information links to view the Health Care Personnel Registry law and related definitions.




Section Chief: Rita Horton, 919-855-3968

Regional Offices

Northeastern & Southeastern Regions
Regional Supervisor - Pamela Anderson, 252-321-3571
Northeastern Region Southeastern Region
James Hartman, 919-340-1815 Margaret Martin, 910-790-2203
Nancy Gregory, 252-756-5094 Paula Blackburn, 910-277-2496
Betty Overman, 252-208-1111 Pamela Zorn, 919-498-1776
Faneka Blackwell, 252-756-6614  
Central & North Central Regions
Regional Supervisor - Stella Haynes, 704-585-9343
Central Region North Central Region
Kathleen Dunn, 919-714-2009 Jenny Baxter, 828-466-5666
Lynn Burnett Jeanne Goss, 336-940-2023
Judy Jackson, 336-570-6925 Cindy Haynes, 704-878-4210
Sol Weiner, 919-387-6433 Cindy Stow, 336-463-3355
  Linda Waugh, 704-878-3266
South Central & Western Regions
Regional Supervisor -Lawrencette McSwain, 704-843-9960
South Central Region Western Region
Athena Foreman, 704-983-5863 Connie Carswell, 828-438-9454
Sylvia Hicks, 704-846-2403 Teresa Crites, 828-584-8051
Kathy Moshman, 704-766-1220 Regina Alford, 828-264-0403
Sherri Clark, 704-436-7351 Vickie Wright, 828-646-3507