Staff and Contacts

The Mental Health Licensure and Certification Section has a main office in Raleigh and one regional office located in Black Mountain.

There are six mental health teams and two ICF/IID teams across the state.  Two mental health teams and one ICF/IID team work from the Raleigh office. One ICF/IID team works out of the Black Mountain office. Four mental health teams are home based. Each team has assigned county territories. For questions regarding a specific county, please contact the team leader assigned to that territory.

Raleigh Office
Stephanie Gilliam, Chief,

Kim Ruppel, Training & Development Program Manager,

Renee Kowalski-Ames, North Coastal Mental Health (MH) Team Leader,

Bryson Brown, South Piedmont MH Team Leader,

Jay Silva, ICF/IID Eastern Region Team Leader,

Laurel Callis, Administrative Assistant,

Renewal of License Coordinator,

Physical Address: 805 Biggs Drive, Raleigh, NC 27603
Telephone: 919-855-3795

Black Mountain Office
Steve Yost, ICF/IID Western Region Team Leader,
Physical Address: 952 Old U.S. Highway 70 West, Black Mountain, NC
Telephone: 828-669-3372, ext. 249

Home Based Teams
Robin Sulfridge, Western Branch Manager: North Piedmont, Foothills, Mountains,
Telephone: 336-861-7342

Michiele Elliott, Eastern Branch Manager: South Piedmont, North Coastal, South Coastal,
Telephone: 704-878-4280

Lynn Grier, Foothills MH Team Leader,
Telephone: 704-596-4072

Barbara Perdue-Evans, North Piedmont MH Team Leader,
Telephone: 336-861-6283

Lisa Niemas-Holmes, Mountain MH Team Leader,
Telephone: 828-686-0750

Wendy Boone, South Coastal MH Team Leader ,
Telephone: 252-568-2744