The Division of Health Service Regulation is on the move. The fourth and final move from the Council Building on Dorothea Dix campus will take place May 31-June 2, 2011. Mailing addresses and phone numbers will stay the same. Only the physical location of the offices has changed.

DHSR will make every effort to notify the public where offices are located. As each move takes place, work will continue as usual. However, response times on requests will slow down as staff need time to pack one location and unpack and organize the new location. Your patience is requested as we go through this process.

Edgerton Building

Final Move: Division Office, CON and Planning to the Edgerton Building

On June 1, 2011, the Division Office, Certificate of Need and Planning moved out of the Council Building to the Edgerton Building at 809 Ruggles Drive.

Brown Building3rd Move: HCPR, OEMS and Human Resource to the Brown Building

In January, the Central Regional Office of Emergency Medical Services, Health Care Personnel Registry Section and Human Resource moved to the Brown Building, 801 Biggs Drive.

Wright Building2nd Move: OEMS to the Wright Building

In October, the Office of Emergency Medical Services moved to the Wright Building, 1201 Umstead Drive.

Williams Building1st Move: Construction to the Williams Building

Sections that moved to the Williams Building, 1800 Umstead Drive:

Map of Dix Campus