Regulatory Focus Bulletin/Frequently Asked Questions

Since its inception in July 1991, the Regulatory Focus Bulletin (RFB) has served as an important tool for both regulators and providers in North Carolina. RFB is designed to provide clarification of state and federal law, and nursing home licensure and certification policy in matters relating to the state's nursing facilities. In 2013, we have decided to use this publication to serve as our source for frequently asked questions for all of our citizens.

RFB is a joint effort between the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Health Service Regulation (DHSR) and the North Carolina Health Care Facilities Association (NCHCFA). Answers and information provided in RFB are agreed upon by both DHSR and the NCHCFA and, pursuant to the premise upon which RFB is founded, are binding upon both the regulatory agency and the provider. RFB is the only publication of its type for long term care providers in the country, making it a truly unique contribution in the ongoing effort to ensure quality care in North Carolina’s nursing facilities.

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