Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Rule

Pursuant to GS 150B-21.3A, Periodic Review and Expiration of Existing Rules, all rules are reviewed at least every 10 years or they shall expire. As a result of the periodic review of Subchapter 10A NCAC 13P, Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Rules, 29 rules were determined as "Necessary With Substantive Public Interest," thus necessitating readoption. 10A NCAC 13P .0203 is the result of the readoption process. It was published in 30:24 N.C. Register on 6/15/16 as a proposed repeal. A submitted comment brought attention to the need for the rule. The agency is republishing the rule in the N.C. Register as a proposed readoption with substantial changes. By not repealing the rule, agencies that do not fall under local county governmental control will continue operation. In addition, the names of the credentialing levels have been revised in the rule to be consistent with the new national standards.