Periodic Review of Existing Rules

N.C. General Statute §150B-21.3A, adopted in 2013, requires state agencies and commissions to review existing rules every 10 years. An initial review will be completed during the next five years according to the schedule set forth by the N.C. Rules Review Commission (RRC), and thereafter rules will be reviewed on a 10-year review cycle. Rules enforced by the Division of Health Service Regulation (DHSR), including those of the Commissions supported by DHSR (N.C. Medical Care Commission and the N.C. Radiation Protection Commission) are included in this new requirement and have been scheduled by the RRC (PDF, 18 KB).

As rule reviews are completed in accordance with the schedule, they will become available for public comment and links will be available on this web page.

Each agency is required to review each of its existing rules and make an initial determination from one of the following three classifications:

DHSR does not currently have rules in the periodic review process.

Please see the schedule (PDF, 18 KB) to find when rules will be reviewed.

Sign up on the DHSR Rule-making Interested Parties listserv to receive notices of rule-making and rule review activities of the DHSR, including the N.C. Medical Care Commission and the N.C. Radiation Protection Commission.