Radiation Protection Industrial and X-ray Rules

There are a growing number of facilities utilizing electronic x-ray machines for non-medical purposes. Many of these machines utilize technology that has been developed since the last revisions of these rules. The proposed amendments to the rules clarify and update the rules for use of electronic analytical and industrial x-ray machines based on the most current draft of the Suggested State Regulations for these machines. These are documents that the Conference of Radiation Control Programs Directors maintain and provide the framework for uniformity of radiation control laws and regulations among states. Two new rules are being added to clarify and simplify requirements for radiographic installations, industrial radiography machines and bomb detection x-ray machines. Changes to Section .0500 rules remove the reference to cabinet x-ray machines, as these machines will now be regulated under Section .0800 rules, along with other machines that typically operate at lower energies and are less hazardous than the machines that are regulated in the Section .0500 rules. The result of these proposed rule changes is to simplify compliance with the regulations on the use of electronic analytical and industrial x-ray machines for facilities thereby improving safety for radiation workers and the citizens of the state.