Designation of Primary Stroke Center Rules

This set of rules reflects the requirement of S.L. 2013-44, Gen. Stat. 131E-78.5, to create a process by which hospitals licensed by the DHSR can submit documentation of stroke center certification by a national accrediting authority to the Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) to qualify for stroke center designation by the Department. Once designation is granted, the OEMS will reflect the hospital's information on the Department's Internet Web site and update this list of designated hospitals in June of each calendar year. The Department has recognized national accreditation organizations that will be used to qualify the hospital(s) for stroke center designation, although confirmation of additional accrediting organizations may be deemed acceptable if the certification standards are determined by the Department to meet those identified in these rules. These organizations are the Joint Commission (JC); the American Heart Association (AHA) Primary Stroke Center Designation or the JC and AHA Comprehensive Stroke Center, Disease Specific Certification Program: "Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program," or the Det Norske Veritas (DNV) accreditation program.