Radiation Protection Rules for Tanning Facilities

The proposed amendments to Section .1400, Tanning Facilities, of the Radiation Protection rules, are being made to improve the safety of individuals using tanning equipment, as well as making technical changes in the rules. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) modified their health and safety requirements for the labeling of sunlamp products. The governor signed Session Law 2015-21 on May 21, 2015 prohibiting persons under the age of 18 from using tanning equipment. These proposed rules are being revised to conform to the FDA to require labels on tanning equipment that state contraindications regarding age, and skin lesions and warnings regarding skin cancer. These proposed rules are being revised to conform to the revised statute for under the age of 18 tanning equipment use prohibition. The proposed rules also address updates to the Radiation Protection Section's address and telephone number as well as an update to the agency's name due to the transfer of the Radiation Protection Section from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to the Department of Health and Human Services.