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Health Check and Health Choice Outreach

What is Health Check (Medicaid for Children) / NC Health Choice Outreach (CHIP)?

Health Check (Medicaid for Children) and NC Health Choice (the Children’s Health Insurance Program) are publicly funded children's health insurance programs open to North Carolina residents who meet income, age and immigration guidelines.

Our outreach goals are accomplished through partnerships with Health Check Coordinators at local health departments or Community Care of NC Networks. See the Health Check website for the newest directory.

In addition, our staff work with community and faith based organizations to:

  • Partner with local family-centered activities: health fairs, school sports/events, community-ethnic festivals.
  • Distribute materials to families by ordering available materials at no cost or downloading copies of PDFs provided.
  • Partner with local minority media outlets to extend the reach of critical enrollment and reenrollment messages as needed.

Who is eligible for Health Check / NC Health Choice?

North Carolina Medicaid and Health Choice offer different ways that may help pay for some or all of the cost of health care. Each program helps families with certain health needs based on family size, income and resource limits. Visit DMA to learn more.

Your county Division of Social Services (DSS) caseworker will help determine if you are eligible for Medicaid or Health Choice. Eligibility depends on your child’s age, family size, income and resources. Visit DMA to learn about eligibility.

Income Guidelines (Effective April 2017)
Family Size Health Check / Medicaid  for Children (0-5 years old) Health Check / Medicaid for Children* (6-20 years old) NC Health Choice (CHIP) (6-18 years old)


$ 2,842

$ 1,800

$ 2,856


$ 3,574

$ 2,264

$ 3,591


$ 4,305

$ 2,727

$ 4,326


$ 5,037

$ 3,190

$ 5,061

6 or more add $732 for each additional child add $464 for each additional child add $735 for each additional child

*Children may receive Medicaid at 19-20 years of age but income limits are different.


Go to Medicaid Income and Resources Requirements or Health Choice Income and Resources Requirements for program qualifications and for larger family size.

Go to the Division of Medical Assistance (DMA is the agency that administers Medicaid for NC) to learn more specific details about the program options.

How to apply for Health Check / NC Health Choice?

There are three ways to apply (one application works for both Medicaid and Health Choice). Go to the DMA website for further detail.

Resource Materials


Submit comments or ideas on outreach events and activities to Norma Marti or call 919-707-5643.