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FormSubjectLast Modified
DAAS-0001 Adult Protective Services Intake 07/14/2009
DAAS-0002 APS Notice to Reporter 07/14/2009
DAAS-0003 APS Notice to Reporter 07/14/2009
DAAS-0004 APS Notice to Reporter 07/14/2009
DAAS-0005 Community Evaluation 07/14/2009
DAAS-0006 Facility Evaluation 07/14/2009
DAAS-0007 Diligent Efforts to Locate Adult 07/14/2009
DAAS-0008 Initial Notice to the District Attorney and/or Law Enforcement 07/14/2009
DAAS-0009 Written Report of Adult Protective Services Evaluation 07/14/2009
DAAS-0010 Attachment A - Determination of Ability to Consent to Protective Services 07/14/2009
DAAS-0011 Adult and Family Service Plan 07/14/2009
DAAS-0012 APS Quarterly Client Review 07/14/2009
DAAS-2332 Petition for Order Authorizing Protective Services 04/01/2011
DAAS-2333 Notice of Hearing on Protective Services 04/01/2011
DAAS-2334 Petition to Enjoin Interference with Protective Services 04/01/2011
DAAS-2335 Notice of Hearing to Enjoin Interference with Protective Services 04/01/2011
DAAS-2336 Petition for Order Authorizing Emergency Services 04/01/2011
DAAS-2337 Notice of Hearing on Emergency Services 04/01/2011
DAAS-2338 Adult Protective Services Petition for Inspection of Financial Records and for Financial Assets to be Frozen 04/01/2011
DAAS-3000 Appointment Follow Up Letter Regarding SA Assistance Request 10/11/2011
DAAS-3000sp Appointment Follow-Up Letter 03/27/2012
DAAS-3001 Special Assistance Notice of County of Residence Reassignment/Transfer 10/11/2011
DAAS-3001sp Special Assistance Notice of County of Residence Reassignment/Transfer 03/27/2012
DAAS-3002 Agreement to Sell 12/20/2011
DAAS-3002sp Agreement to sell 03/27/2012
DAAS-3003 Important Imformation about Special Assistance and Resources 12/20/2011
DAAS-3004 Referral to SSA For Waiver or Reduction of Overpayment Recoupment 12/19/2011
DAAS-3005 SA Continutation Change in Location 12/20/2011
DAAS-3006 Medical Care Special 12/20/2011
DAAS-3007 Overpayment Calculation 12/20/2011
DAAS-5002 Adult Services Consent for Release of Information 11/05/2007
DAAS-6218 Adult Services Intake/Inquiry Form 11/16/2007
DAAS-6219 Adult Services Face Sheet 11/05/2007
DAAS-6220 Adult Services Functional Assessment 12/19/2016
DAAS-6221 Adult and Family Service Plan 11/05/2007
DAAS-6222 Adult Services Contact/Activity Log 11/05/2007
DAAS-6223 Adult Services Interim or Quarterly Client Review 11/05/2007
DAAS-6224 Adult Services Annual Assessment, APS 11/05/2007
DAAS-6225 Adult Services Case Closing Transfer Summary 11/05/2007
Interactive Form DAAS-8190ia State County Special Assistance Application Workbook 05/30/2017
DAAS-8190 Att A State County Special Assistance Attachment A 04/02/2009
DAAS-8191 SA/SAIH Re-Enrollment Information Notice 06/16/2015

For questions or clarification on any of the policy contained in these manuals and forms, please contact your local county office.

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