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II - Budget & Finance

Table of Contents

Attention: Please note that the HTML versions of all documents are provided to ease accessibility and search capabilities. Because HTML formatting may vary, use only the PDF version when printing any policy. Click here to download the free PDF Reader.


HTML, PDF Budget Revisions

HTML, PDF Cancellation of Payroll Check

HTML, PDF Canteen Vending Income

HTML, PDF Conference Authorization Policy

HTML, PDF Fixed Assets Policy

HTML, PDF Mileage Reimbursement

HTML, PDF Reporting Theft and Misuse of State Property

HTML, PDF Resolution of Audit Findings for Local Government and Non-Governmental Agencies

HTML, PDF Resolution of Division Audit Findings and Recommendations by the State Auditor

HTML, PDF State Issued Credit Cards

HTML, PDF State Surplus Property

HTML, PDF State-owned or State-operated Vehicles

HTML, PDF Travel/Conferences/Retreats/Training


HTML, PDF Cash Management - TOC

HTML, PDF Statutory Policy and Planning Administration

Management of Receipts

Management of Disbursements

Management of Inventory and Supplies

PDF Appendix

Office of State Budget & Management Manual


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