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IV - General Administration

Table of Contents

Attention: Please note that the HTML versions of all documents are provided to ease accessibility and search capabilities. Because HTML formatting may vary, use only the PDF version when printing any policy. Click here to download the free PDF Reader.


HTML, PDF Attorney General Opinions

HTML, PDF Commenting on Proposed Federal Rules

HTML, PDF Conflict of Interest

HTML, PDF Foundations Supporting and Supported By DHHS

HTML, PDF Governor's Correspondence

HTML, PDF Legislative and Congressional Inquiries, Reports and Presentations

HTML, PDF Medicaid Waiver Requests and Applications

HTML, PDF Monitoring of Programs

HTML, PDF National Provider Identifier

HTML, PDF Public Notification of Funding Availability

HTML, PDF Record Retention

HTML, PDF Requests for Federal and/or Private Funds

HTML, PDF Secretary's Correspondence


HTML, PDF Subrecipient Monitoring Manual - TOC

HTML, PDF Introduction

HTML, PDF Subrecipients

HTML, PDF Monitoring

HTML, PDF Risk Assessment

HTML, PDF Monitoring Documentation

HTML, PDF General Monitoring Overview

HTML, PDF Activities Allowed or Unallowed

HTML, PDF Allowable Costs/Cost Principles

HTML, PDF Cash Management

HTML, PDF Davis-Bacon Act

HTML, PDF Eligibility

HTML, PDF Equipment and Real Property Management

HTML, PDF Matching, Level of Effort, Earmarking

HTML, PDF Period of Availability

HTML, PDF Procurement and Suspension and Debarment

HTML, PDF Program Income

HTML, PDF Real Property Acquisition and Relocation Assistance

HTML, PDF Reporting

HTML, PDF Subrecipient Monitoring

HTML, PDF Special Tests and Provisions

HTML, PDF Conflict of Interest

HTML, PDF Appendix A1

HTML, PDF Appendix A2

HTML, PDF Appendix B1

HTML, PDF Appendix B2

HTML, PDF Appendix B3

HTML, PDF Appendix C

HTML, PDF Appendix D


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