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Section IV:

General Administration


Public Notification of Funding Availability

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The purpose of this policy is to institute a procedure through which information about certain types of requests for applications for funding, which will be awarded on a competitive basis, will be made available for access and review by the general public. This policy shall apply to all divisions and offices of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to ensure that information regarding funding opportunities which are offered by the department is accessible to as many of North Carolina’s (NC) citizens as possible.


Divisions/offices issuing a “Request for Applications” (RFA) shall submit summary information about the RFA to the DHHS Division of Budget and Analysis per the process and format outlined in the implementation section of this policy.

This policy applies to all requests for applications (RFAs). This policy does not apply to requests for proposals (RFPs) requests for information (RFIs), or requests for quotes (RFQs). For definitions of these terms, refer to DHHS Procurement & Contracting Services policy.


Each division/office director shall appoint an RFA coordinator who is responsible for ensuring compliance with the requirements of this policy. Following such appointment each division/office director shall notify the DHHS Division of Budget and Analysis as to who has been assigned this coordinator responsibility.

  1. The division/office director will approve all proposed RFAs.
  2. The division/office RFA coordinator will oversee the preparation of the Summary Notice of Funding Availability form.
    1. Where the form asks for program name, please use program name as defined in the DHHS Program Management Database (PMD). If it is a new program, please add to the PMD. If the RFA pertains to a particular service or services of the program, please indicate the program and pertinent services, as defined in the PMD. The NC Office of Grants Management will refer to the PMD for information on program goal and program description.
  3. The RFA coordinator will ensure that this form is submitted to the DHHS Division of Budget and Analysis no less than 10 calendar days prior to the release of the RFA to potential applicants. The form will be sent by email to DHHS.RFA@dhhs.nc.gov.
  4. The DHHS Division of Budget and Analysis will post it to the DHHS Grant Opportunities web page.

The policies and procedures that are specified in this policy are not intended to supercede or replace established or required authorization or public notification requirements associated with the authorization or funding of any state administered program.

Refer to the Center of Excellence (COE) web site for information, instructions, examples and contract forms, templates, general terms and conditions, performance-based contracting (PBC) requirements, performance measures, sample amendments, supplemental material to required forms and miscellaneous information. (http://coe.dhhs.state.nc.us)

For questions or clarification on any of the information contained in this policy, please contact the Division of Budget and Analysis. For general questions about department-wide policies and procedures, contact the DHHS Policy Coordinator.

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