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Section V:

Human Resources


Classification Compensation


Organizational Charts

Current Effective Date:


Revision History:

7/1/03, 4/1/04

Original Effective Date:




To provide guidelines for the consistent development of organization charts throughout the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). These guidelines will assist management in depicting the structure of division/facility/school operations. The development of consistently formatted charts is a basic tool for decision-making, communications, and job design by the department.


Each division/facility/school shall develop and maintain current organizational charts from the director-level down and should depict each layer of management and the specific placement of all positions in the organization. The charts shall follow a consistent format and legend as described below under Implementation.

The Office of State Budget and Management require a brief mission statement for each division, section, branch and unit. These statements should not exceed 50 words each and should precede the particular organizational section, branch, or unit. A division/facility/school is only required to have one (1) mission statement for the entire organization.

Reorganizations, which require major change to organizational charts, must be approved in advance by the Secretary of DHHS. Following approval, these revised organizational charts shall be forwarded to the DHHS Director, Division of Human Resources.

Organizational charts shall be updated annually as of January 1. Three (3) copies shall be forwarded to the DHHS Director, Division of Human Resources, by February 15.

It shall be the responsibility of each division/facility/school director to ensure current organizational charts are maintained and approved. It shall be the responsibility of each human resources manager to provide technical assistance in compliance with this policy.


The organizational chart shall have a heading centered at the top of each page as follows:

Department of Health and Human Services
(Organizational Unit)*

*This entry may be more than one line in order to convey the organizational entity to the section, branch, unit, or sub-unit.

A division/facility/school director authorization and DHHS approval block should be provided in the bottom right corner of the first page as illustrated below:

Page #


Authorized By







DHHS Approval






The second and each subsequent page of division/facility/school organizational charts shall contain the respective page number and effective date in the bottom right hand corner.

When developing information in individual boxes within the charts, use the same size box, especially for boxes at the same layer or in the same group, throughout the organization. Arrange the information the same way in each box. Each box shall include the following information:

Classification Title


Working Title (optional)


Name (director to section chief only)


Eight digit position number

Salary Grade/Band Level

Use consistent spacing between boxes throughout the chart. Dotted lines may be used minimally to indicate an important indirect reporting relationship. Organizational charts should be printed as landscape on legal size paper (8 by 14 ). If there are multiple positions reporting to the same supervisor, classification title, and functions, all positions may be placed in the same box as shown in the example below:

Classification Title

Working Title (optional)












Salary Grade/Band Level

Below is the general format of the organizational chart:

  1. A cover page with names of the department and division/facility/school is optional.

  2. A table of contents should precede the charts indicating the sections/units and corresponding page numbers.

  3. An overall mission statement on the division/facility/school follows the table of contents.

  4. The first numbered page is an overall depiction of the organization including the director's office and each senior staff reporting directly to the director. Also include support staff under the director’s immediate supervision and the organizational relationship to the human resources office. This page provides an overall view of the division/institution without going through the detail of individual units and positions.

  5. The second and subsequent numbered pages, to the extent possible, capture entire organizational units on a page. If a section is too large to fit on a single page with all the required detail, a section overview page shall reflect the section chief and the branches within the section. Subsequent pages show the detail of each branch, unit and/or sub-unit until all budgeted positions have been reflected. As an option, mission statements preceding each section may be included, but do not have to be a part of the table of contents.

For questions or clarification on any of the information contained in this policy, please contact Human Resources. For general questions about department-wide policies and procedures, contact the DHHS Policy Coordinator.

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