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Family and Children's Medicaid Admin. Letters

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DMA ADMINISTRATIVE LETTER NO: 02-15, TITLE IV-E and special needs adoption children

DATE: August 1, 2015

SUBJECT: Special Needs Adoption Children and Title IV-E

DISTRIBUTION: County Directors

Medicaid Supervisors

Medicaid Eligibility Staff

Effective: Upon receipt

I. Purpose

II. Special Needs Adoption

These children are ineligible through Title IV-E due to not meeting the Title IV-E requirements at the time of placement in foster care. There may be other extenuating circumstances at the time of placement that preclude IV-E eligibility. The majority of these children are placed in foster care and receive Medicaid under HSF category; and upon adoption, would not continue to be Medicaid eligible if the adoptive parents’ income and resources were considered. These children are not subject to MAGI methodology.

III. Title IV-E Children

IV-E redetermination.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact the Operational Support Team at ost.policy.questions@dhhs.nc.gov.

Dave Richard
Deputy Secretary for Medical Assistance

(This material was written and researched by Christine Coffey, Medicaid Eligibility Unit)

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