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Family and Children's Medicaid Admin. Letters

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DMA ADMINISTRATIVE LETTER NO: 04-12, NEMT Vendor obligations and Policy Implementation timeline

DATE: 5/31/12

SUBJECT: NEMT Vendor Obligations and Policy Implementation Timeline

DISTRIBUTION: County Directors of Social Services

Business Officers

Medicaid Supervisors

Transportation Coordinators

Medicaid Eligibility Staff

I. Background

II. Additional contractual requirements


III. County response to disclosures and non-disclosures


V. Revised Vendor Agreement

VI. DMA-5124, Medicaid Transportation Provider Documentation Form

VII. clarification of no-show policy for critical needs recipients

VIiI. Transportation Policy Implementation Grid

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact your Medicaid Program Representative.


(This material was researched and written by Shara Britt, Assistant Chief, Quality Assurance Section and William Appel, Policy Consultant, Medicaid Eligibility Unit.)

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