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Family and Children's Medicaid Admin. Letters

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DSS ADMINISTRATIVE LETTER, performance management/reporting and evaluation management, pm-rem-al-06-13, DMA ADMINISTRATIVE LETTER NO: 04-13, DAAS ADMINISTRATIVE LETTER NO: 13-12, DCDEE ADMINISTRATIVE LETTER NO: 04-13, Information Systems Annual Security Reviews (July 26, 2013)

TO: County Directors of Social Services;
County Security Officers

DATE: July 26, 2013

SUBJECT: Information Systems Annual Security Reviews

The e-IRAAF automated solution to the Information Resource Access Authorization Form (IRAAF) has now been in production state-wide for over two years. This system replaced the paper version of the IRAAF in January 2011. At this point, documentation of systems access for all employees should have been entered into the e-IRAAF system. Therefore, as of August 2013, Annual Security Reviews of employee access to systems are no longer required. The Annual Review will continue to be an option in the e-IRAAF system in the event counties would like to continue completing them for staff.

Counties must continue to complete the RACF and WIRM Security Reports monthly and the Systems Security Reports twice per year. If you have questions regarding Annual Security Reviews, please contact the DHHS Customer Service Center at 919-855-3200, option 2.




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