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Family and Children's Medicaid Admin. Letters

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DMA ADMINISTRATIVE LETTER NO. 06-03, Addendum 1, CBT Course Update

DATE: May 19, 2003

SUBJECT: CBT Course Update

DISTRIBUTION: County Directors of Social Services


The FAMILY – Introduction to Family and Children’s Medicaid Eligibility CBT course has been extensively revised and moved into production. The course outline is attached to this letter as FAMILY – Attachment IV. The feedback form is now Attachment V.

In addition, changes and updates related to resources, transfer of assets and income limits have been made to the following courses:

MAABD1 - Introduction to Eligibility For Aged, Blind and Disabled

DEDUCT - Medicaid Deductibles – Aged, Blind and Disabled

MALTC1 - Long-Term Care Budgeting

We would like to express appreciation to all the staff who have worked on revision and review of these courses as well as to Alvinia Parker of Sampson County and Betsy Jones of Duplin County who reviewed and commented on the changes to the FAMILY CBT course. Your continued feedback will be appreciated and helpful.

Please direct any questions to your Medicaid Program Representative.

(This letter was researched and written by Jon York, Medicaid Field Staff Supervisor, Medicaid Eligibility Unit.)

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