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Family & Children's Medicaid Change Notices

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CHANGE NOTICE FOR MANUAL no. 01-03, Recipient Fraud and Abuse Policy

DATE: JULY 19, 2002

Manual: Family and Children’s Medicaid

Change No: 01-03

To: County Directors of Social Services

Program Integrity Supervisors and Staff

Medicaid Supervisors and Caseworkers

Effective: August 1, 2002

I. background

II. Content of change

III. Effective Date

IV. Maintenance of Manual

[Brenda Porter, Recipient Investigations Coordinator in the Quality Assurance Section, researched and prepared this material.]

MA-3535, Table of Contents


MA-3535, Att. 1

MA-3535, Att. 2a

MA-3535, Att. 2b

MA-3535, Att. 2c

MA-3535, Att. 2d

MA-3535, Att. 3

MA-3535, Att. 4

MA-3535, Att. 5

MA-3535, Att. 6

MA-3535, Att. 7

MA-3535, Att. 8

MA-3535, Att. 9

MA-3535, Att. 10

MA-3535, Att. 11

MA-3535, Att. 12

MA-3535, Att. 13

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