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Family & Children's Medicaid Change Notices

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DATE: 12/17/08

Manual: Family and Children’s Medicaid

Change No: 02-09

To: County Directors of Social Services

Effective: 01/01/09

Make the following change(s)

I. Content of Change

Medicare Premium Rates:

Part A


(If less than 30 quarters of Medicare- covered employment -- $443.)

Part B



Medicare Deductible Rates


Part A


Part B



Part A Hospital Coinsurance Rates


61 – 90 days

$267.00 per day

60 lifetime reserve days

$534.00 per day


Part A Skilled Nursing Facility Rate:


21 – 100 days

$133.50 per day

II. Effective date and Implementation

III. Maintenance of manual

For information regarding Medicaid, please contact your Medicaid Program Representative. For any Medicaid issues that are not able to be handled through that venue, Angela Floyd, Assistant Director for Recipient and Provider Services, will be your point of contact and can be reached at (919) 855-4000.

(This material was researched and written by William Appel, Policy Consultant, Medicaid Eligibility Unit)

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For questions or clarification on any of the policy contained in these manuals, please contact your local county office.

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