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Continuing Education and Training Up-To-Date, Retention and Privacy Policy

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Continuing Education and Training-Up-To-Date, Retention and Privacy Policy

Current Effective Date:


Revision History:

Issued 11/01 Revised 01/12


A permanent record system Record of Training for all staff attending training and those who request continuing education unit (CEU) credits will be maintained in the Continuing Education and Training (CE/T) offices. Immediately following or no later than 15 days after each learning event, Record of Trainings are updated by recording event and CEU information for those successfully completing requirements for learning.

Retention: These records will be kept for no less than seven (7) years. Staff may request a copy of their record by letter, telephone, e-mail, or personal visit to the In-Service Continuing Education and Training Rehabilitation Program Specialist (program specialist) or the office assistant for CE/T at any time. Staff can access Record of Training within 15 days after a program has been completed. A Record of Training will be issued to the learner within 15 days or less form the date of request.

To request a copy please contact: Kathy.Harrison@dhhs.nc.gov or Debbie.Tutor@dhhs.nc.gov


Privacy and security of all Record of Training are maintained on a flash drive in a secure locked space, program specialist password protected computer, and on the office assistant for CE/T password protected computer to prevent damage or destruction of records. Only staff within CE/T has access to these permanent records. Records of Trainings are only issued in confidential envelopes to those whose name is on the record. A learner may only receive his or her own personal record. The CE/T staff is not allowed to give copies of Record of Training to anyone other than the person named on the record. Supervisors are not allowed to receive a copy of a record unless the supervisor has written permission from the individual. The individual’s written permission must be placed in the individual’s training file with a copy of the record provided attached.

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  For questions or clarification on any of the policy contained in these manuals, please contact the local district office.

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