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Evaluation Unit

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Evaluation Unit

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Revised 10/01; 02/03

The North Carolina Division of Services for the Blind (DSB) provides vocational testing, skills training evaluations, psychological testing, and a Low Vision Clinic through its Evaluation Unit (EU).

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors refer eligible individuals for evaluation by contacting the Evaluation Unit for a scheduling date. The individual receives an "evaluation packet" which details important information needed for the evaluation to proceed. The Home Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor is encouraged to become familiar with information in the evaluation packet and the referral guidelines listed in Rehabilitation Center for the Blind related to any individual convicted as a sexual offender, convicted of child abuse or assault on a child. These situations must be reviewed with the Chief of Vocational Rehabilitation Programs and Facilities before the individual is scheduled. The Home Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor authorizes the transportation to the EU, as well as necessary cab fare from the bus/train station to the campus.

The individual arrives on campus Sunday afternoon after 3:00 p.m. The evaluation begins on Monday morning and typically ends on Friday afternoon. The evaluees are provided lodging and meals through the Rehabilitation Center for the Blind (RCB) dorms and the Governor Morehead School (GMS) campus cafeteria. The EU provides transportation assistance in getting the evaluee back to the bus/train station for the return trip and authorizes the return home costs.

The one-week evaluation consists of the following:

The evaluation consists of a:

The Evaluation Summary report details the recommendations and is sent to the Home Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor approximately two weeks following the last day of the individual's evaluation.

In addition to the regular one-week complete evaluation, the EU is also available/responsive to special testing requests from the Home Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.

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