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Financial Responsibilities Economic Need Requirements

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Financial Responsibilities/Economic Need Requirements

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Revised 07/97; 05/99; 07/99; 08/99; 06/01; 04/08; 09/09; 10/09; 08/10, 07/12

Combined: Financial Responsibilities (Policy) and Economic Need Requirements (Procedures)

While there is no Federal requirement that the financial need of an individual with disabilities be considered in the provision of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Services, the State Agency has the discretion of considering financial need in determining the extent of participation in the cost of services: Financial Responsibilities/Economic Need Requirements (DSB-4040-VR Economic Need Requirements with instructions).

The Division of Services for the Blind (DSB) shall establish economic need for each eligible individual which the Agency requires a needs test in accordance with State Law (S.L.) 1989, c.500, s.43.

If an eligible individual has been determined eligible for Social Security benefits under Title II or XVI of the Social Security Act, the Agency shall not apply a financial needs test or require the financial participation of the eligible individual.

DSB shall adhere to North Carolina General Statutes and DSB policies when purchasing goods or services for eligible individuals Assistive Devices/Equipment and Fees for Services and Vendors. An authorization for services must be written in a timely manner and prior to the purchase of services. Verbal authorization may be made in urgent situations; however, there shall be prompt casework documentation and written authorization shall be forwarded immediately to the provider of services.

Items are to be delivered in a timely manner. The Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor is also responsible for ensuring that the individual completes the DSB-0905 Verification of Items Received form upon delivery of the purchased items and that the completed form is placed in the case record with the authorization.

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