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REVISED: 02/01/2006

All information contained in this manual represents interpretations by the Division of Services for the Blind of North Carolina laws and regulations pertaining to philosophies, legal bases, service definitions, and goals of the Medical Eye Care Program.

Materials reflect the Agency’s interpretations and applications of State policies into functional procedures for providing medical eye care services to eligible individuals according to approved methods. As such, these procedures represent official policy of the North Carolina Division of Services for the Blind.

The Manual of Policies and Procedures for the Medical Eye Care Program provides information to the user on topics such as program definitions, eligibility requirements, special services, reporting requirements, and various reference materials.

While every effort has been made to reference policies and procedures needed for Social Workers for the Blind, Nursing Eye Care Consultants, and others to carry out the functions of the Medical Eye Care Program, it remains the responsibility of each worker to coordinate these functions with other program procedures within the Agency through communication with his/her supervisor.

All sections of the Medical Eye Care Program Manual are coded numerically and maintained in loose-leaf format. Individual copies of the manual will be held by Social Workers for the Blind in each county, Nursing Eye Care Consultants, Field Services Manager and Area Social Services Supervisors. In addition, selected manual information will be forwarded to staff within the county departments of social services.

Manual Updates

Manual sections will be revised as needed to reflect changes in agency policies and procedures affecting delivery of medical eye care services. These changes may come about from changes in State laws, changes in department/division rules and regulations, etc. All revisions to the Medical Eye Care Program Manual will be generated by the Chief of Independent Living Services and Medical Eye Care Program in the State Office. As revisions are needed, replacement pages will be sent to all manual holders with instructions for maintenance.

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  For questions or clarification on any of the policy contained in these manuals, please contact the local district office.

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